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Religion of Peace is a Matter of Interpretation


We have all seen blatantly ironic pictures like this. Islam is both a religion of peace and of violence. Both those claims are concurrently true. Everything boils down to how particular believers interpret the holy books.

And therein lies the risk inherent in any religion. The gods we invent seem universally incapable of communicating clearly and precisely. It can be said that the beauty of religious texts comes from their ambiguous flowery language, full of subtle shades and rich nuance, and thus open to wildly divergent interpretations.

Or these gods are callously capricious and care not for the suffering, death, destruction their imprecise words cause.

Or, applying Occam’s Razor, these gods simply do not exist.


Muslim Feminist: The Biggest Lie Ever Told

An excellent video with plenty of references from the quran and hadith.

‘How To Make Your Wife Submit To Your Authority’ said:

The post is not called “6 Ways To Be A Fabulous Husband,” or “How To Make Sure Your Wife Knows She Is Loved.”


It is called “How To Make Your Wife Submit To Your Authority.”

Reading the actual post, I can’t shake the feeling of the underlying need to control others. I guess since god seeks to control and dominate us, it is not surprising that he would command the man of the house to control and dominate his possessions.

Why Would Any Woman be a Christian?

Dusty asks a bloody good question.

Religion makes people blind to reality, as well as to unquestioningly accept and faithfully perpetrate bad situations on others.

Misogynist Pastor Gets Bible Right

The truth of the bible made shockingly clear.

And of course sending believers into spasms of defensiveness and vitriol.

Pastor Recorded Women and Girls in Church Toilet


Another pastor caught being a sexual pervert.

A pastor from Indiana installed secret cameras in the women’s public restroom which captured women and little girls in their private time while using the facilities. The pastor of Sunrise Christian Reformed Church captured footage that he later downloaded and watched. Robert Lyzenga got away with his secret for over two years.

The more religious leaders rail against sexual perverts, the more we realise that they are actually railing against themselves. For they are often the very perverts they so publicly condemn.


Original photo via this Huffington Post article

Holly the All ‘Murikan Christian Patriot


Holly is the one on the left.

We’re curious what, if any, difference there is between these two pictures? Both women worship the same god. Both of them are holding a book that heavily mentions Jesus, and both are unnecessarily heavily armed–and then there’s the intolerance demonstrated by extremists of either of these very similar religions.

More pics (!) and the rest of the post here:

The comments are great too.

Catholic Baby Mass Grave: What Would Jesus Do?


The bodies of 798 children were buried at the Tuam mother and baby home, which was run by The Sisters of Bon Secours. … The site is believed to be one of 10 similar homes across Ireland – three others are believed to hold the remains of another 3,200 babies and infants.

For all their anti-abortion, think-of-the-children postulating, we now find out more atrocities committed against women and children. Sad. But not surprising.

The catholic church is not infallible. (Political and financial) power absolutely corrupts.

Regardless of its arrogant “we are holier than thou” spin, they are people like the rest of us. Not above doing bad things. Not above making mistakes. And certainly not above secular law that all of us are subject to.

To their credit, the catholic clergy seem unusually cooperative with authorities. What else are they hiding?

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