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Behold the Christian Taliban

Washington state Rep. Matt Shea has published a Christian manifesto calling for the execution of all males who refuse to follow “Biblical law.”

This proves again that extreme believers are crazy and cannot be trusted. And it also underlines the importance of freedom from religion in politics.

We see it again and again. Extreme believers cannot help themselves when they have power. They will seek to impose their religion on everyone else.

The irony fail is pathetic. The same Christians who hate the Muslim Taliban would themselves act the same way in the same situation.

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Religion of Peace is a Matter of Interpretation


We have all seen blatantly ironic pictures like this. Islam is both a religion of peace and of violence. Both those claims are concurrently true. Everything boils down to how particular believers interpret the holy books.

And therein lies the risk inherent in any religion. The gods we invent seem universally incapable of communicating clearly and precisely. It can be said that the beauty of religious texts comes from their ambiguous flowery language, full of subtle shades and rich nuance, and thus open to wildly divergent interpretations.

Or these gods are callously capricious and care not for the suffering, death, destruction their imprecise words cause.

Or, applying Occam’s Razor, these gods simply do not exist.

Don’t “Say [Orlando]’s a Tragedy, Because It’s Not”


Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson had a few more words of bigotry to share with us late last night about the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub, after his earlier video celebrated the idea that there were “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

People like this guy and the shooter are proof that there is no god, especially not a loving one.

I have a feeling the shooting and the hateful actions of religious nutters like this guy will have (deserved) detrimental blowback on religion in general. Strong belief does seem to turn some people into monsters.

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Charlie Hebdo Responds to #PrayForParis


How ironic, sad and somewhat sick that the response to religious terrorism is more invocation of god.

For (the christian) god so loved us

This is fucked up shit.

Hate-spreading Pastor


This excuse for a human being spends time spreading lies and stirring up hatred worldwide. He is responsible for Uganda’s recent passing of horrific gay criminalisation laws.

Watch him in action here (you will need a sick bag):

And he is getting away with working a tax-free political scam too in the US. A church that is also involved in politics should not be eligible for tax free status.

If there is a god, and he has an ounce of decency, he would surely strike Scott Lively dead…

Jesus Saves: Pass the Ammo


I am 99.999% sure the bible does not mention “ammo” or gun rights. This just goes to show, people make their god fit their own prejudices.


Buddhists Get On Terrorism Bandwagon


Clearly not content with being left out of the religion-fuelled violence limelight, Burmese monk Wirathu has been inciting violence against Muslims.

“Nearly 250 people have died and tens of thousands have fled their homes,” Read more.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Buddha would not be pleased.

WTF is wrong with people?

Child Witch Killer Receives Death Threats


Don’t you just feel so sorry for her? This sweet sweet woman of God, a self-style “Lady Apostle” whose mission for God is to hunt down witch children in Africa… If only this were deluded and demented fantasy. This witch has caused the suffering and abuse of countless children. God is not great.

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Because He “Doubted Her Virginity”


You can’t make this sick shit up. “…Fayhan al Ghamdi, a self-styled cleric on Saudi television who preached about the dangers of immoral behaviour, is waiting to be sentenced for the rape [,torture] and murder of his [5 year old] daughter.”

Just what is immoral? In Saudi, there are plenty of morality laws like the one that bans all contact between unmarried men and women. But there is “no specific law that bans child abuse or protects children from child abuse”

I guess he must be moral, being a preacher and all…

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