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Leviticus Pick-n-Choose


These prevalent and casual hypocrisies will never die. Because most of the faithful never read their holy books or think about what those books actually say. Instead, the books are used to prop up their own prejudices.

Their god is either hopeless at communicating (ie incompetent) or don’t really care about the impact of his words (evil or capricious.)

Or he doesn’t exist.


Priests don’t have to report child abuse


Louisiana Supreme Court rules priests don’t have to report child abuse.

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1. This is special treatment for one specific religion. How come they don’t have to follow the law like everyone else? If an imam hears confession about child abuse is he mandated to report it? How about a Daoist monk? Aren’t we all supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law?

2. This is clearly prioritising a religious practice (protecting the confidentiality of the confessional) over the protection of children.

3. This is hypocrisy.  (Not surprised of course.) What happened to “think of the children”? The church uses this to demonize homosexuals. But when it comes to real actual abuse, they fight to avoid reporting it.

“the fact that the Catholic church would fight for and win the right to keep child abuse hidden should come as a surprise to no one. After all, the Catholic church has a long and well documented history of protecting child abusers at the expense of innocent children.”

In other words, the church chooses to protect itself over protecting children. This says something dreadful about the Catholic religion and its god.

Don’t “Say [Orlando]’s a Tragedy, Because It’s Not”


Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson had a few more words of bigotry to share with us late last night about the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub, after his earlier video celebrated the idea that there were “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

People like this guy and the shooter are proof that there is no god, especially not a loving one.

I have a feeling the shooting and the hateful actions of religious nutters like this guy will have (deserved) detrimental blowback on religion in general. Strong belief does seem to turn some people into monsters.

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Pastor Bans Underwear in Church


Kenyan pastor bans underwear for women, so Christ can more easily enter them.


Religious Idiocy Destroys History (Again)


ISIS in Palmyra, and Cossacks of Saint Petersburg in St Petersburg.

Religion makes humanity more stupid. It breeds intolerance, blind obedience, ignorance and extreme short term thinking.

Faith kills our humanity

A father stopped lifeguards from saving his drowning daughter because he believes that having strange men touch her will render her valueless.

Stupid. Because of blind belief and faith. Stupid.

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Starve Your Demon-Possessed Toddler to Death, Then Resurrect Him

So simple. What could possibly go wrong?

Can you imagine the child starving to death over 25 days? No? Clearly you lack faith…

Stories like this just confirms that faith is a direct like to blatant stupidity. When you stop thinking and choose simply to believe, you get to this point where a child dies in horrific circumstances. This is not a one-off. It is something that happens repeatedly. And I include parents who kill their children by withholding medical care. Same shit.

Read the article Texas church members accused of starving ‘demon-possessed’ toddler and then trying to resurrect him.

There is also a video. Yes, the crazies recorded the process. Then fled to Mexico. They clearly knew they did something totally fucked up. Pity they didn’t know it BEFORE they did it.