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Kim Davis may have to pay $225k for denying gay couples marriage licenses

The buck stops with her. Regardless of her personal interpretation of her god’s will.

Good to see the rule of law prevailing. A little late. But better than never.


Shocking video shows pastor beating followers of South Korean cult

Another Christian cult “following” the teachings of the Bible, and beating the sin out of their sheep.

Why is the word of a perfect god so easily and frequently perverted by crazy people?

Fatwa: Indonesian Muslim clerics reject vaccines as ‘unclean’

When do religious leaders get to make pronouncements on matters of science and health? Oh because they are ‘religious.’

Stupid is as stupid does. The sheep will blindly follow. Because religion. And their children, not the clerics, will be the ones paying the true price.

This will no doubt also impact the tourism industry. Who in their right mind would visit potentially infection- ridden locations when there are so many other safer options in the region.

Islamic scholars were once world-leading pioneers in astronomy and mathematics. Alas as Islam became more fundamental and anti-reality, this is no longer the case.

Why does humanity tend to default stupidity over time?

Pastor Claims He Has Seen Aborted Fetuses Hug Jesus In Heaven

“Gross and insane” about sums this up. Don’t even try and attempt to think through this one. Your brains will fall out.

Women Sexually Assault Men By Dressing Provocatively

Christian pastor [Carl Gallups] who often spoke at Trump rallies argues women who dress provocatively commit sexual assault against men.

Because, you know, Taliban.

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Bishop enlarges penises by ‘massaging’

Bishop Daniel Obinim has claimed that he can make men’s penises larger by “massaging” men’s groins using his hands. He also said that he can make women’s breasts larger by massaing them, too.

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John Chau: Slain missionary’s final hours with North Sentinel Island tribe

This US missionary believed he had to convert a reclusive culture to his religion, was repeatedly told to go away, ignored all the warnings, and is now dead.

Such arrogance. Such a waste of a life. Clearly his allegedly all-powerful all-knowing god had a mysterious, tragic, and somehow loving plan – go figure.

The parents are asking authorities to leave those responsible alone, and to let the arrested fishermen (who ferried the missionary to the island) go free.

I really hope this tragedy ends here and everyone is just left alone in peace.

Only Gays engage in Anal & Oral Sex

[Christian extremist Linda] Harvey, president of Mission America, a radical anti-LGBT conservative Christian organization, argues that straight people don’t engage in oral or anal sex

Because teaching children about the reality and diversity of sexual practices, so they can be informed and play safely, is all part of some gay agenda.

Someone had better tell PornHub et al to remove those heterosexual anal and oral sex videos. Cos no one is watching them. Except maybe Linda.

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