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Ex-Gay Mormon Therapist Now Just Wants To Date Men

Ex-gay Mormon David Matheson, who spent years claiming gay conversion torture was a reasonable option and wrote a book with a title that suggested gay men weren’t “whole,” has reportedly quit the ex-gay movement and confessed that he now wants to date men.

Another one. The Christian ex-gay torture movement just keeps on giving.

Prominent Ex-Gay Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now Says He Just Wants To Date Men


The Bible is like a Chain Letter

Here’s an interesting question posed on a forum:

… it seems that a chain letter has the EXACT SAME qualities as the bible, as each of them pull believers towards themselves with their claimed authenticity.

How would you explain to a non-believer that the bible is anything other than an extended chain letter, if they both have exactly the same qualities, and are to a rational mind totally unbelievable?

The shared qualities identified by the poster are (my summary below):

  • Claim to be the absolute truth.
  • Appeal to personal feeling.
  • Carrot and stick manipulation (heaven vs hell.)
  • Claim to have supernatural powers.
  • Claims to be infallible.

I would also add:

  • A demand that the message be spread.

Read the comments and the butt hurt. When the reality is spelt out so clearly, any believer with a brain must resort to defensiveness and outright attack. They must take it personally. Because they know “deep down inside” their faith is on shaky grounds. Why else would they not actually answer the question? It is an interesting question.

Read the post and comments here: