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Women Sexually Assault Men By Dressing Provocatively

Christian pastor [Carl Gallups] who often spoke at Trump rallies argues women who dress provocatively commit sexual assault against men.

Because, you know, Taliban.

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Why Would Any Woman be a Christian?

Dusty asks a bloody good question.

Religion makes people blind to reality, as well as to unquestioningly accept and faithfully perpetrate bad situations on others.

Misogynist Pastor Gets Bible Right

The truth of the bible made shockingly clear.

And of course sending believers into spasms of defensiveness and vitriol.

10 Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry

The really sad thing is that this pastor got it right. The verses he based his beliefs on, and which he quoted to bolster those beliefs, are indeed in the bible. And their meanings are clear; with very little wriggle room for interpretation.

These backward beliefs devalues over 50% of the population. How is that reasonable, let alone good?!