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Fatwa: Indonesian Muslim clerics reject vaccines as ‘unclean’

When do religious leaders get to make pronouncements on matters of science and health? Oh because they are ‘religious.’

Stupid is as stupid does. The sheep will blindly follow. Because religion. And their children, not the clerics, will be the ones paying the true price.

This will no doubt also impact the tourism industry. Who in their right mind would visit potentially infection- ridden locations when there are so many other safer options in the region.

Islamic scholars were once world-leading pioneers in astronomy and mathematics. Alas as Islam became more fundamental and anti-reality, this is no longer the case.

Why does humanity tend to default stupidity over time?


I Prayed Away My Vaginal Tumor


Anti-Vaccination Church Has Measles Outbreak

Not news. But still divinely ironic. You can’t limit stupidity I guess.

You don’t need medication; just pray!


It is unbelievable that in this day and age witch-doctory is coming back as a legitimate practice of medicine. Peddled by your “harmless” local priest or pastor.

Two people I know have been told to go off their medication and use prayer instead. These are people with chronic conditions which will lead to permanent disability if untreated. One of them was told, by their pastor, their medication will destroy their immune system.

When does it cross from stupidity to endangering lives?