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The Holy Book Game


Funny and irreverent. But also poignantly illustrates how believers picl and choose from their holy books.



All Hail Judas Escariot


Well, the Christians should anyway.

Without him helping to fulfil God’s merciful (sadistic, psychopathic) plan, Jesus would not have died and we would not have been saved. So Judas should be up there with the saints!

Then again, religion and logic-failures are a match made in … heaven!

Jesus Died for 3 Days


The Christians tell us: Jesus suffered and died for our sins. He came back to life after 3 days, and now lives on forever and ever in heaven. Hallelujah!

So we were only saved for 3 days then?

How is it ever ethical or moral for someone to pay for another’s supposed crimes? When the crimes were decided upon by the judge (God) who then sent himself to die horribly temporarily … my brain hurts. Seems like a lot of suffering for the sake of suffering. God is a sociopath?