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Orthodox Jews give herpes to babies

Orthodox Jewish practice of applying ‘direct oral suction’ to baby penises during circumcision is infecting babies with herpes.

Only a religion can get away with performing unnecessary medical procedures on babies followed by mouth to genital contact. Think about it.

As the video puts it so clearly: some guy at some point in time decided that it would be a good idea to (a) mutilate a child’s genitalia, and (b) use his mouth to suck off the blood. And of course, it is exactly what his god wanted. Funny that…

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Jewish Child Abuse Cover-up


Clearly not happy with letting the catholic church have all the infamy, Australian orthodox jewish leaders are now being investigated for covering up child abuse within their ranks.

What is it about religions and child abuse? Is it inevitable? When you get a group of people who believe they are god-ordained and thus above secular law, and that they are all powerful; is child abuse (and other atrocities) inevitable?

So far, the answer seems to be “yes”

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