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10 Infamous Evangelical Scandals


Catholic Church wants to be able to discriminate against gay teachers

Leviticus Pick-n-Choose


These prevalent and casual hypocrisies will never die. Because most of the faithful never read their holy books or think about what those books actually say. Instead, the books are used to prop up their own prejudices.

Their god is either hopeless at communicating (ie incompetent) or don’t really care about the impact of his words (evil or capricious.)

Or he doesn’t exist.

Religion of Peace is a Matter of Interpretation


We have all seen blatantly ironic pictures like this. Islam is both a religion of peace and of violence. Both those claims are concurrently true. Everything boils down to how particular believers interpret the holy books.

And therein lies the risk inherent in any religion. The gods we invent seem universally incapable of communicating clearly and precisely. It can be said that the beauty of religious texts comes from their ambiguous flowery language, full of subtle shades and rich nuance, and thus open to wildly divergent interpretations.

Or these gods are callously capricious and care not for the suffering, death, destruction their imprecise words cause.

Or, applying Occam’s Razor, these gods simply do not exist.

Matthew 19:21


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Catholic Priest Forbids Gay Man from Singing at His Grandmother’s Funeral


“Connor Hakes, a 23-year-old from Indiana, was not permitted to sing at his grandmother’s funeral after the pastor presiding over the service saw a photo of Hakes attending a gay Pride rally.” —

The priest wrote this in a letter: “Anytime someone sins and then acts in the name of God, it causes scandal. This is the main reason why you cannot (at this time) offer your gifts in service at St. Mary’s,”

So… the catholic church has long protected and enabled child rapists in its ranks. And that’s not sinning then acting in the name of God?!

But of course, hypocrisy is a mainstay of the church. Do what I tell you not what I do. See how wonderful the catholic god’s love is?

Pedophiles teaching morality


The Pope continues to turn his back on reality and the failings of the church.

Responses to italicized items from the Washington Post below:

1. The Church defines the ideal relationship as a heterosexual marriage. But Francis writes that other loving relationships can have value too.

“The ideal religion is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But, you know, other sincerely held beliefs can have value too.” Such a generous magnanimous move! Condescending much? The leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring teaching the world “morality.”

2. That being said, Francis makes it totally clear in this document that he won’t support gay marriage.

Sure. He is entitled to support or not support whatever. Just like progressive secular societies are allowed to support marriage equality. And the church can stay out of politics.

3. Francis discusses the varied circumstances that might lead someone to divorce and remarry, a sin according to Catholic teaching. And he asks pastors to take those families’ stories into account and welcome them into religious life.

Sounds like all too much mental gymnastics trying to square a circle. Is it a sin? Or isn’t it a sin? Smells of desperation too as church attendance diminishes due to their outdated, judgmental and hypocritical attitude. And I would have concerns about the safety of children being exposed to the catholic doctrine and system.

4. Francis devotes much of the document to discussing the lifelong experience of love.

Yes indeed. And we all know too well, through the actions of the church, what their corrupted version of “love” looks like. Keeping people in poverty. Enabling the spread of deadly diseases. Perpetuating the suffering of people labeled as witches. Denying and covering up systemic child abuse worldwide. Demonizing and marginalizing non-heterosexuals… Conditional and fear-based love indeed!

5. The pope calls for better sexual education for Catholic youth. Here’s why he doesn’t like the term “safe sex.”

“Better” means “don’t ever think about it or do it.” Yeah. That has worked well from the evidence. For both the great unwashed and the princely priests in frocks. Such denial of reality would be laughably naive if it didn’t actually cause such suffering.

6. Francis’s overarching message calls for pastors to approach parishioners not in judgment but in love.

Such blatant hypocrisy that only the religiously blinkered can come up with. The whole bloody document was riddled with judgment, discrimination and division. Love-washing in action! Just keep saying the opposite of what you are doing.


Christian persecution 2


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