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The Build-a-Bear Double Standard Test

This is a clever analogy to highlight the double-standard with how society treats organizations who engage in criminal activity.

If a secular business like Build-a-Bear did what the Catholic Church did with regards to child abuse, the reaction would have been vastly different.

So why is the Catholic Church treated so leniently? Faith must erode our humanity. Faith must enable religions to leverage fear against us, so that we are willing to excuse and tolerate the most heinous of crimes.

Just to be clear – Build-a-Bear is being used as an example only in the video above.

People who claim divine moral authority should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. Why is there a double standard? Why does the Catholic Church get a pass? If it was a Build-a-Bear scandal, people would burn the company to the ground.


Ex-Gay Mormon Therapist Now Just Wants To Date Men

Ex-gay Mormon David Matheson, who spent years claiming gay conversion torture was a reasonable option and wrote a book with a title that suggested gay men weren’t “whole,” has reportedly quit the ex-gay movement and confessed that he now wants to date men.

Another one. The Christian ex-gay torture movement just keeps on giving.

Prominent Ex-Gay Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now Says He Just Wants To Date Men

My Evangelical Church Is Gaslighting Me, But I Refuse To Fall For It Anymore

This is one perspective from inside American evangelicalism we don’t often see.

It is not an easy read.

And I can imagine it would have been even harder for the author to live through.

Married Christian Lawmaker Resigns After Same-Sex Office Affair

Bottom line: Another anti-gay, married, conservative Christian lawmaker is exposed as a self-loathing, religious hypocrite. Sad!

Sad for him, and all the lives he has negatively impacted through his intolerance and condemning words.

Leviticus Pick-n-Choose


These prevalent and casual hypocrisies will never die. Because most of the faithful never read their holy books or think about what those books actually say. Instead, the books are used to prop up their own prejudices.

Their god is either hopeless at communicating (ie incompetent) or don’t really care about the impact of his words (evil or capricious.)

Or he doesn’t exist.

Religion of Peace is a Matter of Interpretation


We have all seen blatantly ironic pictures like this. Islam is both a religion of peace and of violence. Both those claims are concurrently true. Everything boils down to how particular believers interpret the holy books.

And therein lies the risk inherent in any religion. The gods we invent seem universally incapable of communicating clearly and precisely. It can be said that the beauty of religious texts comes from their ambiguous flowery language, full of subtle shades and rich nuance, and thus open to wildly divergent interpretations.

Or these gods are callously capricious and care not for the suffering, death, destruction their imprecise words cause.

Or, applying Occam’s Razor, these gods simply do not exist.