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Idaho Lawmakers Allow Faith Healing Church to Kill Children

This is what happens when religion is allowed to poison government. To have freedom of belief, we must have a government that is freed from religion.

If idiots choose to sincerely believe in something, they should be free to do so. Their belief should not affect government which has an impact on everyone else.


Anti-Vaccination Church Has Measles Outbreak

Not news. But still divinely ironic. You can’t limit stupidity I guess.

Don’t Mix Mental Illness with Religion


[Rolling Stone] magazine reports that around 2008, Tamerlan confided to his mother that he felt like “two people” were inside him.

“She confided this to a close friend who felt he might need a psychiatrist, but Zubeidat believed that religion would be the cure for her son’s inner demons and growing mental instability, and pushed him deeper into Islam,” according to the magazine.

Read moreĀ here.

Religion may well provide comfort in times of illness, but it is NOT a cure. Especially not with mental illness. In this case, religion made everything worse!

When God talks back to you, you need to see a psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist. Get with the 21th century please – for everyone’s sake.


Morality More Important Than Life

Another appalling example of the immorality of letting religious “morality” cause unnecessary suffering and death.

When we enshrine religious morality in law, we enable such irrational stupidity to affect everyone’s lives – regardless of their individual beliefs.

Taken to extremes, we should probably abolish all health care because that would be an unnatural and arrogant defiance of god’s divine (and unfathomable) plan for all of us. Besides, we all deserve to suffer anyway right?

The Irish Times