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Catholic Church wants to be able to discriminate against gay teachers


Leviticus Pick-n-Choose


These prevalent and casual hypocrisies will never die. Because most of the faithful never read their holy books or think about what those books actually say. Instead, the books are used to prop up their own prejudices.

Their god is either hopeless at communicating (ie incompetent) or don’t really care about the impact of his words (evil or capricious.)

Or he doesn’t exist.

Don’t “Say [Orlando]’s a Tragedy, Because It’s Not”


Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson had a few more words of bigotry to share with us late last night about the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub, after his earlier video celebrated the idea that there were “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

People like this guy and the shooter are proof that there is no god, especially not a loving one.

I have a feeling the shooting and the hateful actions of religious nutters like this guy will have (deserved) detrimental blowback on religion in general. Strong belief does seem to turn some people into monsters.

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For (the christian) god so loved us

This is fucked up shit.

Bigot Calls Gay Activists Intolerant


Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of the hate-group Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, a loving Christian on a personal jihad crusade against gay rights, said “Gays as ‘Intolerant’ as ‘Jihadists’ and Will Use the Boy Scouts to Push ‘Deviant Sexuality’



Pope Christmas Hate Speech


Hatred? The Pope? Surely not?!!!

The leader of the world’s largest paedophile racket has used his Christmas speech to shower hatred on homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia.

Laughable if we could only forget the 1.8 billion people who believe what this guy spews.

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Another brilliant example of fundamentalist christian hypocrisy – blatantly picking biblical verses to support one’s own prejudices/agendas while ignore those that one is actually transgressing.

Read all about this shamelessness here.