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10 Infamous Evangelical Scandals


God Healed Private Jet

Godly snakeoil salesman Kenneth Copeland laid hands on one of his private jets and healed it of rust.

“People are dying of cancer, but God heals corrosion on planes.”

Praise Jeebus who fixed a con man’s luxury toy while millions die in desperation? I don’t think so.

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Matthew 19:21


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Donations Fund Palace for Bishop


Bishop uses donated funds to build a palace for himself to live in. Just like the Holy See used donated funds to amass property and art. Like padre, like bishop…

Jesus would clearly be proud. Not.

When caught out, out comes the crocodile tears. Laughable morality, ethics, and personal greed fail. And this is a leader of the infallible church.
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Wealthy scolding rich


Not only failing to lead by example, but also actively working to perpetrate poverty by demonizing birth control.

The Roman Catholic Church-State is the wealthiest organization that the world has ever seen. Its wealth (e.g., gold, stock shares, banking assets, real estate holdings, precious art treasures and manuscripts, etc.) is incalculable. … Every year millions of dollars are paid to obtain relief from this imagined suffering [Ed.: in purgatory]. — from

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