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Idaho Lawmakers Allow Faith Healing Church to Kill Children

This is what happens when religion is allowed to poison government. To have freedom of belief, we must have a government that is freed from religion.

If idiots choose to sincerely believe in something, they should be free to do so. Their belief should not affect government which has an impact on everyone else.


Asshole politician links gay marriage to Orlando massacre

A horrible christian politician in Australia has linked gay marriage to the Orlando night club massacre. What a tragic excuse for a human being. “Peter Madden is running for the Tasmanian Senate with the Family First party and his campaign is anti-marriage equality and anti-Safe Schools.” These sociopathic christians are clearly pro-bigotry and pro-bullying. Christ’s love made manifest indeed.



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Conservative Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi opposes giving gay couples the right to marry because, among other reasons, she worries about the “stability” of gay couples.

This, from a woman who’s on her third marriage. Well, I should say, her third marriage-ish.

Bondi’s first two marriages lasted under-two years and five years, respectively. But at least they were “real” marriages. Bondi’s most recent marriage was reportedly “an unofficial (non-binding) ceremony in the Cayman Islands.”

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American Christian Taliban

This hidden christian taliban movement is insidious and frightening. When god tells you to do horrible immoral things, that also happen to coincide with your personal bigotry, then hey, why not. God says right?!

Stupid, crazy and evil.

This is why we, the world, needs to have freedom from religion. You can believe in whatever you like in private, but you have no right to bring these into secular government to impose it on others.

Proselytize Much? The Religious Can’t Help It!


Access Ministries in Australia (who provide volunteer religious education chaplains in Victorian schools, was in hot water for spreading religious, “inappropriate and offensive” material to primary school children..

The religious cannot help but proselytize. Because GOD told them to. They clearly flaunt contracts and laws when it suits their cause.

“The so-called Biblezines were given as graduation gifts as part of a program run by the state’s Christian education provider Access Ministries.”

Why does a state even have a christian education provider? Is there also an islamic education provider? A zoroastrian one? And non-faith/atheist provider?

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More about Access Ministries beliefs here:

indoctrinating public school kids is more important


Australia’s right wing Catholic prime m inister to spend millions putting chaplains into public schools. What about imams, buddhist monks and pastafarian priests?