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Church sign Freudian slip?



Pastor Claims He Has Seen Aborted Fetuses Hug Jesus In Heaven

“Gross and insane” about sums this up. Don’t even try and attempt to think through this one. Your brains will fall out.

Good burns down house but leaves bible intact

This is the sort of weird mental gymnastics many believers engage in when faced with disaster.

Is it a type of pathological optimism?

The desperate avoidance of facing horrible reality lest it challenges their faith? (Think about that, an all- powerful being visiting disaster on relatively helpless creatures to demand their ongoing worship…)

The denial of reality and thus the avoidance of grieving?

The need to maintain the paradox that their god is at-once the epitome of love and also the cause (through direct action or inability/unwillingness to prevent) of all suffering.

How to create inappropriate Pavlovian response to devotional music

Dr Vijay Nath Mishra of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Institute of Medical Sciences created an app that will play devotional music whenever you try to access porn on your phone or PC.

Just imagine the unwanted Pavlovian response whenever a frequent user is at temple.

Listed to a sample of the music and read more here

Bishop enlarges penises by ‘massaging’

Bishop Daniel Obinim has claimed that he can make men’s penises larger by “massaging” men’s groins using his hands. He also said that he can make women’s breasts larger by massaing them, too.

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Only Gays engage in Anal & Oral Sex

[Christian extremist Linda] Harvey, president of Mission America, a radical anti-LGBT conservative Christian organization, argues that straight people don’t engage in oral or anal sex

Because teaching children about the reality and diversity of sexual practices, so they can be informed and play safely, is all part of some gay agenda.

Someone had better tell PornHub et al to remove those heterosexual anal and oral sex videos. Cos no one is watching them. Except maybe Linda.

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