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What Happens To Religious Professionals When They Stop Believing In God


Kim Davis may have to pay $225k for denying gay couples marriage licenses

The buck stops with her. Regardless of her personal interpretation of her god’s will.

Good to see the rule of law prevailing. A little late. But better than never.

Shocking video shows pastor beating followers of South Korean cult

Another Christian cult “following” the teachings of the Bible, and beating the sin out of their sheep.

Why is the word of a perfect god so easily and frequently perverted by crazy people?

Anti-Gay Pastor Who Called PULSE Shooting Victims “Scum” Busted For Using Prostitutes and Gambling

Notorious anti-LGBT Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas who is known for calling Orlando shooting victims at a gay nightclub “scum” in 2016 has been ousted from his Fort Worth church for “sleeping with prostitutes,” marijuana possession and gambling, according to a fellow pastor.

God works in very predictable cliched ways when it comes to exposing hate mongering pastors.

Ex-Gay Mormon Therapist Now Just Wants To Date Men

Ex-gay Mormon David Matheson, who spent years claiming gay conversion torture was a reasonable option and wrote a book with a title that suggested gay men weren’t “whole,” has reportedly quit the ex-gay movement and confessed that he now wants to date men.

Another one. The Christian ex-gay torture movement just keeps on giving.

Prominent Ex-Gay Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now Says He Just Wants To Date Men

Hillsong’s Pastor Tells Child Molestation Victim, “It’s Your Fault. You Tempted [Him].”

Pastor Brian Houston told a child sex abuse victim, “It’s your fault all this happened, you tempted my father.”

Clearly following in the footsteps of compassionate caring Jesus. For He said unto us: let us blameth the children and the weak for the carnal sins of our father’s. For my Father in heaven has made men weak, and made also powerful the temptations of innocent babes. — Book of Asshole 69:69.

Oklahoma Republican Declares That Rape Is The ‘Will Of God’

Faught … stated that rape and incest are God’s will because God is sovereign over all activities that happen.

Well, he is technically correct. If you believe god is all-knowing all-powerful then everything that happens must be according to his will.

Or he doesn’t care enough to intervene.

(And no, such a god does not permit free will. Because he already knows everything you are going to do. And in any case, there is no free will if you will face eternal damnation should you choose wrongly.)

Pastor Claims He Has Seen Aborted Fetuses Hug Jesus In Heaven

“Gross and insane” about sums this up. Don’t even try and attempt to think through this one. Your brains will fall out.