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Third Ranking Vatican Official Charged

With child sex offences of course.

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police.

Will the Vatican throw him under the bus?

Or will he be protected both by the church and by the law giving him a light sentence (if convicted) because of old age and ill health.

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First Cardinal to Resign Since 1927


“Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a prominent US cardinal [Theodore McCarrick] accused of sexually assaulting a teenager nearly 50 years ago.”

Naturally, “he has “no recollection” of the alleged abuse.”

He will be stripped of his titles of “Cardinal” and “your eminence” and “must also carry out ‘penance and prayer’ pending a canonical trial.”

<sarcasm>Sounds like appropriately punishment.</sarcasm>

The real question is: Why is this convicted criminal not in jail?


Praying to Elrond Just as Effective


A woman discovered her grandmother had been praying to a figure of Elrond from Lord of the Rings. She noted “that the prayers were equally as effective.”

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Catholic Priest Forbids Gay Man from Singing at His Grandmother’s Funeral


“Connor Hakes, a 23-year-old from Indiana, was not permitted to sing at his grandmother’s funeral after the pastor presiding over the service saw a photo of Hakes attending a gay Pride rally.” —

The priest wrote this in a letter: “Anytime someone sins and then acts in the name of God, it causes scandal. This is the main reason why you cannot (at this time) offer your gifts in service at St. Mary’s,”

So… the catholic church has long protected and enabled child rapists in its ranks. And that’s not sinning then acting in the name of God?!

But of course, hypocrisy is a mainstay of the church. Do what I tell you not what I do. See how wonderful the catholic god’s love is?

Priests don’t have to report child abuse


Louisiana Supreme Court rules priests don’t have to report child abuse.

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1. This is special treatment for one specific religion. How come they don’t have to follow the law like everyone else? If an imam hears confession about child abuse is he mandated to report it? How about a Daoist monk? Aren’t we all supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law?

2. This is clearly prioritising a religious practice (protecting the confidentiality of the confessional) over the protection of children.

3. This is hypocrisy.  (Not surprised of course.) What happened to “think of the children”? The church uses this to demonize homosexuals. But when it comes to real actual abuse, they fight to avoid reporting it.

“the fact that the Catholic church would fight for and win the right to keep child abuse hidden should come as a surprise to no one. After all, the Catholic church has a long and well documented history of protecting child abusers at the expense of innocent children.”

In other words, the church chooses to protect itself over protecting children. This says something dreadful about the Catholic religion and its god.

God wants gays to be celibate, but allows priests to molest children


“A Catholic priest who claimed God wants gay people to remain celibate for life has been suspended over child sex abuse claims.”

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An all merciful, all knowing, and all loving god certainly lows bestowing mental illness of his staff. Maybe he enjoys watching suffering and hatred, to create so much of it.

Of course, the believers will all say this is the devil’s work. Because you know, god cannot stand up against the devil, or perhaps doesn’t want or care to.

Child-molesting priest promoted to lead teen pregnancy center


“A Catholic priest who was accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl has been appointed as director of a teen pregnancy center… to ‘provide a wide range of ideas and skills.'”

I wonder what sort of ideas and skills he would bring to vulnerable teens?

The catholic church seems to be rotten to the core. Their god clearly doesn’t exist, because why would an all-knowing and all-merciful god allow child molestation to occur in its own church and continue to promote offenders? The church administration clearly does not believe in or fear divine punishment. Unless of course child molestation is OK by god.

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Catholic Church spent $2million to block N.Y. kid-rape laws

ALBANY — Not leaving it to divine chance, the state Catholic Conference has turned in recent years to some of Albany’s most well-connected and influential lobby firms to help block a bill that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice.

Why rely on prayer faith and divine power when you can spend earthly money on earthly lawyers? The church knows what works. If you seriously think the church actually believes in god and biblical teachings then you are mentally deficient.

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Pedophiles teaching morality


The Pope continues to turn his back on reality and the failings of the church.

Responses to italicized items from the Washington Post below:

1. The Church defines the ideal relationship as a heterosexual marriage. But Francis writes that other loving relationships can have value too.

“The ideal religion is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But, you know, other sincerely held beliefs can have value too.” Such a generous magnanimous move! Condescending much? The leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring teaching the world “morality.”

2. That being said, Francis makes it totally clear in this document that he won’t support gay marriage.

Sure. He is entitled to support or not support whatever. Just like progressive secular societies are allowed to support marriage equality. And the church can stay out of politics.

3. Francis discusses the varied circumstances that might lead someone to divorce and remarry, a sin according to Catholic teaching. And he asks pastors to take those families’ stories into account and welcome them into religious life.

Sounds like all too much mental gymnastics trying to square a circle. Is it a sin? Or isn’t it a sin? Smells of desperation too as church attendance diminishes due to their outdated, judgmental and hypocritical attitude. And I would have concerns about the safety of children being exposed to the catholic doctrine and system.

4. Francis devotes much of the document to discussing the lifelong experience of love.

Yes indeed. And we all know too well, through the actions of the church, what their corrupted version of “love” looks like. Keeping people in poverty. Enabling the spread of deadly diseases. Perpetuating the suffering of people labeled as witches. Denying and covering up systemic child abuse worldwide. Demonizing and marginalizing non-heterosexuals… Conditional and fear-based love indeed!

5. The pope calls for better sexual education for Catholic youth. Here’s why he doesn’t like the term “safe sex.”

“Better” means “don’t ever think about it or do it.” Yeah. That has worked well from the evidence. For both the great unwashed and the princely priests in frocks. Such denial of reality would be laughably naive if it didn’t actually cause such suffering.

6. Francis’s overarching message calls for pastors to approach parishioners not in judgment but in love.

Such blatant hypocrisy that only the religiously blinkered can come up with. The whole bloody document was riddled with judgment, discrimination and division. Love-washing in action! Just keep saying the opposite of what you are doing.


All Hail Judas Escariot


Well, the Christians should anyway.

Without him helping to fulfil God’s merciful (sadistic, psychopathic) plan, Jesus would not have died and we would not have been saved. So Judas should be up there with the saints!

Then again, religion and logic-failures are a match made in … heaven!