Ahhh sweet sweet irony; how often you make reality is stranger than fiction.

So many religious (and other black-and-white blind-believers) seem to lack all appreciation for irony. Is this deliberate denial? Or faithful ignorance? In any case, I feel compelled to highlight these lapses here. Not to fuel stupid stereotyping, or hate. But rather to raise consciousness through deserved mockery.

Not everyone who believes strongly in a religion or idea is a nutter. Not all nutters are necessarily religious. I don’t particularly care what anyone chooses to believe; but I do draw the line at nutters attempting to promote bigotry, deride and erode free speech, human rights, secular government, science and education. (And ironically in the process diminishing their beliefs and pettifying their chosen deity.)

And just to be absolutely clear: this blog has nothing to do with any particular God or Gods. I don’t know any well enough to profess to know what they think or presume to speak on their behalf.



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