Catholic Church spent $2million to block N.Y. kid-rape laws

ALBANY — Not leaving it to divine chance, the state Catholic Conference has turned in recent years to some of Albany’s most well-connected and influential lobby firms to help block a bill that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice.

Why rely on prayer faith and divine power when you can spend earthly money on earthly lawyers? The church knows what works. If you seriously think the church actually believes in god and biblical teachings then you are mentally deficient.

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5 thoughts on “Catholic Church spent $2million to block N.Y. kid-rape laws

    • holyirony says:

      Does it matter? Surely, the word of a perfect god is steadfast and immutable regardless of which language it is translated to? If the translations change the meaning, then god is negligent, or was unable to foresee this, or don’t care that his word is being changed by mere humans.

      I use KJV because a lot of unthinking christians think this is the “true” “original” version and thus carry the most weight.

      • I think it does.
        God is NOT negligent.
        Gods’ Word is of course perfect and will stand forever.
        Unthinking Christians ?
        What precisely do you mean ?

      • holyirony says:

        God certain appears negligent or sloppy. As if he/she doesnt know how his/her words will be misread and corrupted. Or doesnt appear to care.

        Unthinking christians are people who believe literally. Many christians I know do actually think about what they read in the bible. They actually appear to study and debate what scriptures mean in different contexts etc. That is thinking.
        Unthinking is blindly following what their priests tell them or what they literally interpret scriptures to mean.

      • I believe Gods’ Word literally.
        god means what he says, and say what he means.

        The fact that people misuse and
        mis-apply His’ Word is not the fault of God.
        He allows free will.

        Their is only one priest and that is Jesus Christ.
        The catholic so-called priesthood is false and a Nicolaitan lie.

        I have been treated quite badly by at least 2 catholic so-called priests,
        [ I don’t refer to physical abuse ] and spoken about quite evilly by them, and a couple of nuns too [ having said nothing bad to them.

        One of the reasons is that I witnessed to a Catholic, and he went and handed his rosary in, and told the catholic so-called minister that he had become a Christian.

        I won’t give the context e.t.c..
        [ Long story ].

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