Lying for Je$u$ FAIL


“Christian heavy metal singer Timothy Lambesis admitted he’s an atheist who pretended to be Christian to sell records.” And he was convicted for trying to get someone to murder his wife.

There is clearly money in Je$u$. Speaking of which I need to go find that “Lose Weight for Jesus” video I saw years ago…

I can see the theists having a field day with this. See! Heavy metal music is the devil’s creation and has turned this man away from gawd. He is trying to have his wife murdered – which is so against the 10 commandments…

More here:


4 thoughts on “Lying for Je$u$ FAIL

  1. Many will see it as a win by pointing out he used to be a Christian. Many more will use it to say atheists have no morals.

    This guy did no favors for atheists.

    • holyirony says:

      Totally. Fodder for counter arguments.

      Thing is, atheists don’t have a divinely sanctioned immutable set of morals etc to defend. So this is probably less of an issue than if atheists were a religious order.

  2. It could be that Timothy is just a rotten human being.

    And that variety comes in all flavors.

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