Catholic Baby Mass Grave: What Would Jesus Do?


The bodies of 798 children were buried at the Tuam mother and baby home, which was run by The Sisters of Bon Secours. … The site is believed to be one of 10 similar homes across Ireland – three others are believed to hold the remains of another 3,200 babies and infants.

For all their anti-abortion, think-of-the-children postulating, we now find out more atrocities committed against women and children. Sad. But not surprising.

The catholic church is not infallible. (Political and financial) power absolutely corrupts.

Regardless of its arrogant “we are holier than thou” spin, they are people like the rest of us. Not above doing bad things. Not above making mistakes. And certainly not above secular law that all of us are subject to.

To their credit, the catholic clergy seem unusually cooperative with authorities. What else are they hiding?

More here:


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