Insurance Against Consequence of Crime


Cardinal George Pell wanted catholic priests to be insured and protected form being sued for child abuse. Just like lawyers need professional indemnity insurance in case of mistakes, priests need answering-to-crimes insurance in case they get caught abusing children and get sued.

What fucked up logic is this?! A burglar can now take out jail insurance before committing a crime? Clearly he is still very much focused on protecting the church from consequences of its crimes. More disturbingly, this implies he is not at all confident about the chruch’s ability to prevent future abuses from happening.

If your faith was so strong and your god so powerful why would you need insurance anyway?

More here:

He is promoted by the Vatican of course. The fish is rotten from the head down.


2 thoughts on “Insurance Against Consequence of Crime

  1. spookchristian says:

    They shouldnt be abusing children in the first place..

    It seems a bit sick, that you want to get these disgusting catholic so called priests insured,,, so that they do not suffer any penalty for their nappy snapping..

    Or is it just to save the roman catholic so called church/paedophile ring from losing out on its cash..and having to pay up instead.??

    You catholics actually make me sick!!!
    Priest off

    Pdf on catholic child abuse

  2. spookchristian says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Spook and commented:
    Priest off

    Pdf on catholic child abuse

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