Rapist Priests Praised for not using Condoms


The pontiff … urged forgiveness of a church that for centuries sanctioned priests and its elders to rape tens of thousands of innocent young boys.

Benedict, however, said the church should be applauded for sticking by a key tenet and forbidding its sodomizing priests from using condoms.

Full article at The Yellow Daily News.

Despite being a parody, the article nonetheless raised interesting points about “divine” absolution and the blind adherence to dogma at the cost of lives.

No one of sound morals would accept letting rapist priests and the Church off the hook simply because they have received God’s forgiveness for their sins. What a mockery that would make of fundamental human decency.

The Church’s ongoing condemnation of the condom in the fight against AIDS is still appallingly immoral and evil. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/jan-june11/vatican_05-30.html

The Holy Virgin condom image came from this page: http://christwire.org/2009/08/atheists-create-virgin-mary-condom-friendlyatheist-com/


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